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Why Rebuild?

Superior design has given Gallmeyer & Livingston grinders unmatched durability over the years. The rugged constructions allows most machines to be rebuilt to their original high tolerances at a substantial savings over replacement cost.



Gallmeyer owners have a blue-chip investment in long-term productivity. Remanufacturing adds to that investment, thus maintaining the machine's full productive potential. Our machines were designed with the expectation that rebuilding work would be done periodically over a very long machine life-cycle. Even a well-used older grinder such as the machine pictured above is a suitable remanufacturing candidate.

The Gallmeyer Rebuilding Process

At Leland-Gifford, the remanufacturing process is virtually the same as new machine production. The same professionals building new machines also rebuild older machines. In remanufacturing older machines, the same manufacturing procedure is followed, including quality and tolerances checks. All rebuilt machines are completely disassembled and carefully cleaned. Worn bearing surfaces are re-machined and re-scraped by experienced craftsmen. This process uses the original scraping masters to get the industry's leading specifications for flatness and parallelism.


Remanufactured machines are essentially new machines using aged castings and recycled non-wearing parts. All parts showing appreciable wear are replaced. Where warranted, subsequent design improvements are incorporated into rebuilt machines.