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Dual heads permit two simultaneous machining operations. Rigid reinforced construction with wide dovetail slides and adjustable gibs provide for accuracy and long life. Anti-friction, pre-loaded type bearings support a hardened and ground spindle. The standard spindle is hollow and precision ground to take standard 3-C collets from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch diameter. Columns and heads may be positioned independently.

  Standard Equipment
bulletHand lever feed on vertical head movement only
bulletTransverse column movement and table positioning manually
bullet1/3 HP, 1725 RPM, single phase, heavy-duty, ball-bearing, totally enclosed fan-cooled dual voltage motors with forward/reverse drum switches, belt guards and machine light

  Optional Features
bulletMicrometer-feed screws to all motions
bulletAir hydraulic feed to all motions
bulletHigh speed spindles
bulletCoolant systems
bulletRiser blocks
bulletVariety of special motors with range of HP and RPM
bulletSpecial column slides for longitudinal movement
bulletCabinet base
Other optional features custom engineered to specific job requirements.

Barker Model PMD
Barker Model PMD illustrated includes the following optional equipment:
bulletMicrometer feed screws
bulletAir hydraulic table feed
bulletOne shot lubrication to table
bulletCabinet base with coolant system enclosed
bulletComplete wiring

PMD General Specifications
Range: Table Working Surface -- 4" x 12" - 1/2" T-Slot
Table-Longitudinal Travel -- 5"
Heads-Vertical Travel -- 3"
Transverse Column Travel -- 2-1/2"

Drive: "V" Belt
Standard Motors: 1/3 HP -- 1725 RPM -- 115/230/60/1 -- T.E.F.C.
Color: Machine Tool Gray
Dimensions (Machine Only): Width 24-1/4"
Length 1-1/2"
Height 22-1/2"
Net Weight 300 lbs.
Shipping Weight 350 lbs.
Dimensions (Cabinet Base Only): Width 20"
Length 28"
Height 30"
Net Weight 100 lbs.
Shipping Weight 110 lbs.
Spindles: Spindle nose -- #3-C Standard Collet Taper
Spindle capacity -- 1/2" diameter through Collet Draw Tube


Spindle Speeds
Standard Drive
Motor RPM
1140 1725 3450
570 860 1720
810 1230 2460
1140 1725 3450
1600 2420 4840
2280 3450 6900

Low Speed Drive
Motor RPM
1140 1725 3450
120 180 360
170 260 520
240 360 720
335 505 1010
475 720 1440

Air Hydraulic Feed Specifications:
Feed - Infinitely Variable.............0 to 50 IPM
Rapid Traverse...........................300 IPM
Air Pressure Required...............75 to 120 PSI
Air Cylinder Bore Size................2-1/2" Dia. Max.