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This mill is designed and built as a high quality, high production, high precision machine tool. Machine sliding surfaces are hand scraped and accurately aligned to meet today's high standards for close tolerance machining.

Dual heads provide two simultaneous machining operations, achieving more dependable accuracy as well as doubling production. Columns and heads are mounted on wide dovetail slides, permitting each spindle to be positioned independent of the other along an X, Y or Z axis. The spindle is hardened and precision ground with a No. 30 milling machine taper. Mill clearances will accommodate most indexing heads, vices and other holding fixtures.

  Standard Equipment
bulletHand lever feed on vertical movement of heads only
bulletCabinet Base
bulletColumns and tables are positioned manually
bullet2 HP, 1725 RPM, 3 phase, heavy-duty, ball-bearing, totally enclosed fan-cooled dual voltage motors with forward/reverse drum switches
bulletBelt guards and machine light

  Optional Equipment
bulletMicrometer feed screw to all motions
bullet3" riser blocks to raise the head for tall fixtures (max. of two recommended)
bulletAir hydraulic feed to all motions
bulletHigh speed spindles
bulletCoolant systems
bulletOne shot or automatic lubrication of ways
bulletVariety of special motors with range of HP and RPM
bulletComplete wiring for standard and special applications
Other optional features custom engineered to specific job requirements.

Barker Model AMD
Barker Model AMD illustrated includes the following optional equipment:
bulletMicrometer feed screws to columns and heads
bulletAir hydraulic table feed
bulletOne shot lubrication to table ways
bulletComplete wiring

AMD General Specifications
Table: Standard working surface 6-1/4" x 20" with 10" maximum longitudinal travel
Optional working surface 6-1/4" x 25" with 15" longitudinal travel

Spindles: Standard No. 30 milling machine taper
Separation 3" minimum - 10" maximum
Heads: Vertical travel 6" maximum (can add riser blocks for additional clearance)
Columns: Transverse travel 4" maximum
Longitudinal travel 3" maximum
Motors (2): 220/440/60/3 -- T.E.F.C. -- 2 HP
Standard speed 1725 RPM
Optional 1140 and 3450 RPM
Color: Machine Tool Gray
Net Weight: 1000 lbs.
Shipping Wt:
1250 lbs.


Spindle Speeds
Standard Drive

Motor RPM
1140 1725 3450
350 530 1060
475 715 1430
625 940 1880
800 1200 2400
1020 1530 3060

Low Speed Drive
With Idler Pulley Direct Drive
Motor RPM Motor RPM
1140 1725 3450 1140 1725 3450
77 117 234   296 449 898
115 174 378   442 670 1340
161 244 488   618 937 1874

Speeds up to 11,000 RPM available. Consult factory.

Air Hydraulic Feed Specifications:
Feed - Infinitely Variable..........0 to 50 IPM
Rapid Traverse...........................300 IPM
Air Pressure Required..............75 to 120 PSI
Air Cylinder Bore Size...............2-1/2" Dia. Max.