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The AM III features air and hydraulic feeds on both the head and table which are operated by solid state Programmable Logic Control (PLC). This makes the machine more flexible and more efficient by providing faster set-ups.

The user may choose from eight different standard cycles that are pre-programmed at the factory. We even program a "special" cycle, by request, for a customer before the machine is shipped. Changeover from one cycle to another is accomplished quickly and easily through the use of three rocker switches.

Other features of the AM III include a micrometer dial feed on the saddle, dwell control that is selectable on two axis and automatically controlled lubrications and flood coolant.

  Standard Equipment
bulletAir/hydraulic table feed
(9" stroke)
bulletAir/hydraulic head feed
(6" stroke)
bulletAll functions controlled with Allen Bradley PLC
bulletEight pre-programmed motion cycles
bulletMicrometer dial feed saddle
bulletCabinet style base
bulletAutomatic lubrication to the head and table way surfaces
bulletSelectable cycle counter (repeat) and dwell control for head and table motions
bulletFlood coolant
bullet2 HP, 1725 RPM, 3 phase motor
bulletJIC 115V electrical controls
bulletOver arm with out board support
bulletBelt guards and machine light

  Optional Equipment
bulletExtra long table (6-1/4" x 25") with 15" of longitudinal travel
bullet3" riser blocks to raise the head for tall fixtures (max. of two recommended)
bulletHigh speed head with spindle speeds up to 11,000 RPM


AM III General Specifications
Table: Standard working surface 6-1/4" x 20" with maximum 9" longitudinal travel. Optional working surface 6-1/4" x 25" with 14" longitudinal travel.
Saddle: Cross travel 4" maximum
Head: Vertical travel 6" maximum
Spindle: No. 30 milling machine taper
Motor: 220/440/60/3 -- T.E.F.C. -- 2 HP
Standard speed 1725 RPM
Optional 1140 and 3450 RPM
Color: Machine Tool Gray
Net Weight: 650 lbs. (machine with cabinet base)
Shipping Wt:
775 lbs. (machine with cabinet base)


Spindle Speeds
Standard Drive

Motor RPM
1140 1725 3450
350 530 1060
475 715 1430
625 940 1880
800 1200 2400
1020 1530 3060

Low Speed Drive
With Idler Pulley Direct Drive
Motor RPM Motor RPM
1140 1725 3450 1140 1725 3450
77 117 234   296 449 898
115 174 378   442 670 1340
161 244 488   618 937 1874

Speeds up to 11,000 RPM available. Consult factory.