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Because of its vertical spindle/rotary table design and subsequent high wheel-to-part contact area, the VR-1 removes stock faster than many other methods. Some representative examples:




Part Size

Pieces Per Cycle

Stock Removal

Cycle Time

 Gear 8620-60Rc 3.5"dia. 1 .007" 20 sec.
Drive Gear 380 Aluminum 6.5" dia. 1 .030" 45 sec.
Hydraulic Valve Cast Iron 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" 10 .005" 40 sec.
Throttle Position Indicator Bakelite/Steel 1x1-1/2" 36 .005" 30 sec.
Carbide Insert Carbide 1"x1" 25 .007" 90 sec.

AND QUICK SETUP, TOO! Instead of the hours it takes to set up many high-production machines, the VR-1 is ready in minutes!



The VR-1's outstanding accuracy means you'll breeze through the toughest spc testing. Because the downfeed is controlled by state-of-the-art PLC logic, you can repeat for final size with ease. And Gallmeyer & Livingston's legendary machine tolerances will enable you to hold tight flatness, parallelism and finish specs. The above parts were tested to the following tolerances:






 Gear ±.0002"  ±.0002"  ±.0002"  18 Ra
Drive Gear ±.0005"  ±.0005"  ­  80 Ra
Hydraulic Valve ±.0003"  ±.0003"  ­  32 Ra
Throttle Position Indicator   ±.0003"  ±.0003"  ­  32 Ra
 Carbide Insert <.0001"  <.0001"  <.0001"  8-12 Ra

The addition of optional in-process gaging will further enhance your productivity!



The VR-1 can tackle jobs that are now on other types of machines. This often results in greater efficiency because of easier set-up, lower scrap, and better finish.

Look for applications in your current milling operations, reciprocating grinding, belt grinding, double-disc grinding, thru-feed grinding, lapping, and even turning!

STANDARD OR CUSTOM WORKHOLDING will make the VR-1 adaptable to any job that requires a flat surface. The following are just some of the ways you can adapt the system.

bulletMagnetic Chuck
bulletVacuum Chuck
bulletCustom Fixture
bulletJaw Chuck
bulletMechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic clamping


PROGRAMMING OPTIONS include a multiple plane grinding capability

Add automatic loading easily and inexpensively for greater throughput.



Easy to run...

The Operator Control Station is built with ease of operation as the primary goal. No advance programming or specialized training is necessary. Operators quickly learn the basic menu-driven functions of the machine. Additional control features are easily incorporated into the basic downfeed routine as they become advantageous.





 Spindle 7-1/2 h.p. (5.25 kw) 230v. or 460v. 0-3600 rpm 3 phase, 60 cycle
Rotary Table 15-3/4" (400mm) dia. 195 sq. in. (1260 sq. cm)
Table Rotation 0 to 120 rpm 1-1/2 h.p. (1.125 kw)
Table flatness Guaranteed less than .0002" (.008 mm) T.I.R.
Magnetic Chuck 15-3/4" (400mm) dia. Max. 7-1/2" (190 mm) clearence
wheel- to-chuck
Standard Abrasive Type 6 Straight  
Grinding Wheel Cup Wheel 8" dia. x 3" high (200 x 75 mm)

3.300" (84 mm) Bore

3/4" (19 mm) back, 1/2" (12.7 mm) wall

Superabrasive Wheel Type 2A2T



Abrasive width

Abrasive depth

(requires adapter plate)

8" OD, 7" ID

(200 mm OD, 178mm ID)

1/4" or 3/8" (6.35 or 9.5 mm)

1/8 - 3/8" (3.175 - 9.5 mm)

Hydraulic System 1/2 h.p. (.2 kw)

Volume .72 gpm (.27 lpm)

1800 rpm

500 psi (2.06 mpa)

Weight 2400 lbs.  


Control features...

 Spindle accuracy .0001" (.0003 mm) resolution
Downfeed distances .0001" to 9.9999" (.003mm to 250 mm)
Downfeed velocities  .0001" in./min to 12.500 in./min.

(.003 mm/min to 317.5 mm/min)

Standard Features and Equipment

bulletOperator adjustable overload meter monitors spindle load, and will cause spindle to rapid off the workpiece if preset limit is reached.
bulletA combination of closed-loop DC servo motor and Speed Reducer drives the precision lead screw smoothly and accurately at all feed rates.
bulletAllen-Bradely SLC-500 programmable controller with IMC motion controller, membrane keypad with digital display.
bullet7-1/2 h.p., 0-3600 rpm motorized spindle with precision bearings, lubricated and sealed for life.
bulletMultiple downfeed rates and distances.
bulletSide A, Side B special programming
bulletAutoDress and wheel compensation systems
bulletSpindle, motion control, and chuck fault systems with pilot lights
bulletControl enclosure with heat exchanger
bulletOne (1) 8" aluminum oxide grinding wheel
bulletWheel nut wrench and adapter
bulletSteel wheel guard
bulletAbrasive dressing stick
bulletOne gallon coolant concentrate
bulletInstallation, operation, and parts manual with prints and schematics
bulletStandard 1-year machine tool warranty

Available Options

bulletIn-Process Gaging
bulletTilting table
bulletSpecial coolant/filtration systems
bulletMachine hoods and enclosures
bulletBorazon® and Diamond Superabrasive wheels
bulletMagnetic chucks with variable power and auto de-mag
bulletDedicated workholding

Note: Because of our ongoing commitment to product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.