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The machine that provides:

bulletQuick setup
bullet20 HP for heavy cuts
bulletFaster production than surface grinders or boring mills

Often referred to as an "End" or "Knee" Grinder, the 18" Face Grinder from Gallmeyer and Livingston makes squaring bar stock easier and more efficient.

Shown with guards removed

bulletWithout this machine, die makers must square their bar stock on either a surface grinder or a boring mill.
bulletThe Gallmeyer & Livingston Face Grinder is faster due to its greater stock removal capability and quicker setup.
bulletBoth the saddle and table are fed by hand - keeping setup time to a minimum.
bulletGallmeyer & Livingston also provides a rebuilding service for older face grinding machines.



First machining operations, especially for squaring surfaces after cutoff. Typical face grinding jobs include automotive dies, molds for plastics, forging dies, castings, fire brick and ceramic insulators.


Machine Configuration

Knee-type construction. Hand-feed table and saddle motion, as well as vertical adjustment. Wheel mounted directly on motor shaft. Major structural elements all cast iron.



 Worktable 12" x 36"
Grinding Wheel 18" resinoid ring
Maximum Workpiece 14" x 14" or 8" x 20"
Table Stroke 24"
Table Elevation - manual 5"
Crossfeed - manual 4"
Spindle Motor 20 HP, 900 rpm
Net Weight 4800 lbs.




Various combinations of height and length may be ground. These include 14" x 14", 12" x 18", 10" x 19", and 8" x 20".

The machine is capable of grinding the 4 sides of a 6" x 6" x 1" piece of stock square to within .00025".



Standard Equipment:

Optional Equipment:

bullet20 HP Spindle Motor
bulletFlood Coolant System, including pump, tank and guards
bulletWheel Truing Device
bulletWheel Puller
bulletGrinding Wheel
bullet18" Resinoid Bond Ring Style Wheel
bulletSegmented Chuck for Grinding Wheel
bulletElectro Magnetic Chuck
bulletChuck Control