Universal Grinder
Tool & Cutter Grinder
Two Way Relief Fixture
6000 Drill Point Grinder

A Complete Tool Resharpening System for

Drill Points Taps Step Drills Reamers
Countersinks End Mills Milling Cutters and More
Model 6000 Fixture can be used for many tool sharpening applications


Various drill points that are generated

bulletChisel Point
bulletCrown Point
bulletFour Facet
bulletApex Point
bullet"S" Point
bulletPlastic Point
bulletFlat Bottom

(Included Angles of 60-180 Degrees)

Used in conjunction with the 10x microscope and readout system, precision step drill lengths can be maintained from previously ground drill points. Also pilot diameters can be checked by utilizing the cross slide digital read out.

Camfer Angles are quickly resharpened and can be modified to meet users requirements

bulletCore Drills
bulletWeldon Counter Sinks
bulletFord Countersinks
bulletMulti-Flute Counter Sinks
bulletHalf Round Drills


New design grinding wheel spindle adds rigidity and versatility to Hybco T & C Grinder


bulletDouble end spindle mounted on four "O" precision bearings
bullet3" taper/ft. both ends. Takes standard mounting hub
bulletElevating adjustment 3"
bulletTilt adjustment 20 either side of horizontal
bulletPivot 90 either side of "O".

Model 6100 Flute Head gives unique operator overview on flute sharpening applications

Drill Point Applications

bulletSplit Points
bulletWeb Thinning
bulletLip Correction
bullet"C" Grind
bulletCrank Shaft
bulletChip Breaker

DRO System allows for repetition in feed of grinding wheel to all flutes of tool


Optional microscope can be easily swung into position to check flute geometry

bulletDrill Points as show above
bulletTap flutes for hook and rake angles
bulletTap gun points


Optional air flow mixture EXPANDS the capabilities of our Model 7000 Grinder


Shown is the air-cushioned universal cutter grinding fixture which is mounted to the eccentric slide also used for the Hybco 6000 unit. the 15-1/2 spindle length will provide travel 10-1/2" for end mill OD Grinding. The tilting sub base permits quick movement away from the grinding wheel for repetitive indexing to next tooth.

Milling cutters up to 12" can be successfully resharpened on diameter and end cutting teeth. 24 division index plate is standard, with specials up to 48 teeth. Standard tooth rest assembly will accommodate staggered tooth cutters, etc.

The tilting spindle enables the Model 6000 fixture to be used as a dividing head. The axial and oscillatory motions are simply locked out. A 12 notch index plate is provided for sharpening the end teeth on milling cutters, etc.