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Hybco Model 6000 Drill Point Grinding Attachment

The Model 6000 drill point grinding attachment provides circular, axial and oscillatory motions that operate separately or together to generate the geometry needed to re-sharpen and or produce special drill points as well as re-sharpen other types of face cutting tools such as taps, step drills, counter sinks, reamers and core drills.

Some of the unique features of the largely cast iron constructed Hybco Model 6000 are:

A six jaw Ajust-Tru chuck with 2" long bearing length; repeatability guaranteed to .0005 or less and the thru hole is 1-1/4".

The spindle has a 5C-collet cavity.

A dial indicator shows the exact amount of adjustable axial caming motion, eliminating the need for offset tool projections for diameter changes.

Adjustable height timing gauge for chisel point angle modifications.

The spindle is mounted on special Timken "0" precision taper roller bearing.

The attachment features a D.C. 1/40 HP motor drive package featuring quick acting engagement with toggle clamp.

The oscillating motion is generated from a drive gear mounted on the spindle which in turn drives a circular turning crank arm that is attached to the lever arm. This motion is engaged by inserting a "T" handle taper end wrench to lock the lever arm into place.

The axial motion is on preloaded cross roller bearings and ways.

The Model 6000 fixture can be mounted on many different makes of tool and cutter grinders.