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Model 3000

The Hybco Model 3000 heavy duty universal grinder has an all cast iron construction featuring a stationary base supporting a longitudinal movement sub table with a swiveling 6" X 36" top table. This arrangement allows the operator to comfortably view the grinding operation up close.

The preloaded crossed roller bearings and ways on the wheel head and the longitudinal slides requires low friction movement while giving precision placement and repeatability. This superior construction allows smooth operation while eliminating either table or wheel head lifting.

The wheel head slide is controlled by precision ground ball screw with a preloaded anti-backlash double nut. Ways and screw are completely covered by "U" shaped accordion covers.

The eccentric repositioning attachment allows the grinding wheel spindle movement up to 4" toward the center of the column. This provides more room for the operator when the spindle is turned to the 90 degree mark on the column or at a right angle to the table grinder.
The column is 8" in diameter and mounted in a precision ground sleeve. Height adjustment is made by 1-1/8" - 5 pitch precision ground lead and 8" graduated hand wheels.
The grinding wheel spindle runs on four class 7 precision bearings in matched pairs. Speeds of 3,800 and 6,400 RPM are furnished as standard with poly flex belt drive. The spindle has 25 degrees tilting adjustments on either side of horizontal and swivels 360 degrees.
The Model 3000 is furnished with a gearbox for longitudinal travel feed. This feed is provided by ground lead screws and a graduated 8" hand wheel for precision table movement; and by rack and pinion that provides for quick table travel to facilitate wheel dressing and production type operations.

Hand wheels are made of solid cast iron construction and are 8" in diameter. The slip rings with standard graduations of .0005 divisions allow for precision "zeroing out" of the table to the grinding wheel spindle.
A Sony 2 axis digital readout system with display panel for cross and longitudinal feeds can be provided. Displays are also available with angular readouts in .1 degree increments on the graduated column.