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Hybco Model 2100
Two-Way Relieving Fixture

(Note: Belt guards are removed for clarity)

Swivel Base
Swivel Base Model

  1. Incorporates Dial Indicators showing exact amounts of Radial and Axial throws
  2. Radial and Axial throws are varied by simply turning adjusting screws. Base of fixture remains on "0" setting while reliefs are set.
  3. Radial and Axial Reliefs are set independently of each other and are infinitely variable both ways over the full range of the cam.
  4. Standard Spindle takes 5C Collet with 1-1/16" thru hole capacity.
  5. Fixture is usually motorized, but this drive can easily be disengaged to allow for manual operation.
Long Base Model

The LB Model is designed for the accurate holding of the long, heavy tools or for the new tool manufacturers who want to grind all tools on centers. This Model can be furnished in either 11-1/2" or 18" between center capacity.

The Heavy Duty Tailstock slides along the extended Trunnion Bar. This bar slides in the outboard bearing frame which in turn is bolted down to the base of the fixture. This provides the rigidity necessary in grinding larger tools.

Long Base


Special Spindle and Collet Arrangements


#500 Erickson  


Collet Capacity to 1-5/8" thru hole. Collets have 2" long bearing to accurately grip drills on flutes.


Work Holding Devices


3 or 6 Jaw Chucks  
Jaw Chuck
The face of the Spindle Flange has 6 drilled and tapped holes for direct mounting of the chuck. The four truing screws bear on the hardened and ground nose to provide for close accuracy. A 5C Adapter Plate (as shown in photo) can also be furnished to mount the chucks.

Between Centers

Model 2100SB

New style spring loaded